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Can't say I didn't enjoy dat. Great graphics, voice acting and work with sound overall. However, I think it lacked more dramatic camera angles and dynamics you used in Real Legend 2

In addition, I think that you should stop making these parodies and concentrate on your own series - Valhalla Knights. Or at least other original toons. You've already given enough contribution to Zelda's authors by creating a bunch of awesome LoZ spoofs and improved a lot since that, it's time to move on!

There will always be funny and good-looking VG parodies as the time passes. But I've always thought of NG content in another way.


Excellent, although...

Great job on f-b-f, music, voices and stuff but... what happened to "Lost in the Dream" project?


~WoW, as another flash animtor I understand why it took so long to create yet it wasn't that long in the result, but it still looked awesome, and much better than these crappy old Cartoon Network Stuff xD The credits were damn funny, and so true)) By the way, I would purshase your book, because I'm always interested in solo-made productions)) You've done great work and encouraged many other people to create their own, interesting projects, good luck in the creation of the final episode!))

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~LoL, so true with the plot...

~While the game itself wasn't really great because of slow reloading, shortness, and low quality video I still give it 5, because I understand that it wasn't that easy to creat this and because I liked your voice and humour xD No rly it remind of The House of the Dead and other horror games with silly plot xD nice one...

I have a new NG account now The name is KuoryDaNinja BALLS!



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